When the World Wide Web first came into existence in the 1990s it opened up new possibilities however, it also brought a new set of threats. Spam affected emails and computer viruses caused havoc on corporate networks, and hacking was a significant issue. Hackers are able to steal your personal data, take over your online bank or credit account, and sell it on the dark internet.

Your online life is more complex than ever. You’re on a smartphone, you shop online and bank online, you’re on Facebook and Twitter, and even your home appliances connected to the internet and IoT devices are monitoring and reporting on your activities. Hackers are able to access all of these data, regardless of whether they are part of a criminal gang or a random individual with an agenda to influence the political scene.

Create strong passwords for all of your online accounts. Make use of a password manager to manage the passwords. You should consider using two-step authentication. This adds an additional layer of security by requiring you to enter a code provided via email or telephone in addition to your login password. Encrypt your hard drive to make it more difficult for hackers to gain access into your private data even if they take control of your mobile or computer. Also be sure to disable ‘run as administrator’ on your computers, don’t jailbreak or root your mobile devices, and close down your computer instead of running all day (all-time running ruins your device performance and opens it up to cyberattacks). You can reduce your risk by using the best malware scanner software deinstalling, data encryption and uninstalling.


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